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A Factsheet on SRHR

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in the Pacific

Resource File: srhr_factsheet_online.pdf

Topic: Human Rights

Pathways for the Pacific: Regional Human Rights Mechanisms

This publication seeks to explore the case for the establishment of a regional human rights framework for the Pacific. It attempts to identify the benefits of such an initiative, as well as the constraints on, and objections to, setting up such an arrangement.

Resource File: rhrm_booklet_2013.pdf

Topic: Human Rights

Regional Lawyers Outcomes Statement 2014

Regional Lawyers Consultation on Gender & the Law, November 2014

Resource File: regional_lawyers_outcome_statement_final_21nov_2.doc

Topic: Human Rights

Tonga: Legal Analysis on Violence Against Women

Drafting options for legislative reform

Resource File: tonga_1.pdf

Topic: Human Rights

Samoa: Legal Analysis on Violence Against Women

Drafting options for legislative reform.

Resource File: samoa_28329.pdf

Topic: Human Rights

Changing Laws

A Legislative Lobbying Toolkit For understanding, law-making, parliamentary procedures and advocacy for legislative change..

Resource File: changing_laws2010_1.pdf

Topic: Human Rights

Pacific Island States & the Universal Periodic Review

A toolkit for Pacific Island states to measure progress against Universal Periodic Review recommendations.

Resource File: pacific_island_states_and_the_universal_periodic_review.pdf

Topic: Human Rights

The Big Eight

Human Rights Conventions and Judicial Declarations

Resource File: the_big_eight.pdf

Topic: Human Rights

Pacific Human Rights Law Digest Vol. 2

A collection of recent analysed human rights case law that can be used in the Courts as precedents and as tools for policy initiatives.

Resource File: phrld_volume_22008.pdf

Topic: Human Rights


CEDAW Roadmap



Reporting before the Committee.




Resource File: cedaw_roadmap.pdf


Topic: Human Rights

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